Summary: We'll stop dispatching DOM "text" event which is Mozilla specific DOM event and really not useful.


Link to standard: N/A

It's mentioned by MDN only here:

DevTools bug: N/A

Do other browser engines implement this? No.

web-platform-tests: N/A

This was implemented to notify our editor of composition string data and IME selection ranges with DOM event and the information is available only from C++ event listeners. So, this should not have been exposed to the web since first implementation.

Additionally, we might need to change "compositionupdate" event dispatcher if Input Events Level 2 spec would keep current definition. Therefore, if we stop using DOM event to handle IME composition in our editor, we can make maintain around it easier.

Currently, we should stop dispatching "text" events only in the default group of web content. I.e., we should hide the event only from web apps. If this won't cause any problem with the web, we should get rid of the event completely later.

Note that this event is listened by only 0.0003% inner-windows for now (currently, we collect the data only from Nightly testers).

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