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> Sorry for the lag replying to this.
> On 11/13/18 4:35 PM, James Graham wrote:
> > On 11/11/2018 17:57, Emilio Cobos Álvarez wrote:
> >
> >> web-platform-tests: Test coverage for all the values is pre-existing.
> >> There's unfortunately little coverage in WPT, but a lot in our
> >> selection and contenteditable tests.
> >
> > Can we upstream some of these tests to wpt? I don't know if there
> > are/were technical barriers that would prevent us doing that, but if
> > user gestures are required, the new testdriver APIs might fill the gap,
> > and if there is some other piece of missing functionality I would be
> > interested to know what that is.
> Part of the difficulty is that we want these tests to show the caret,
> which is something normal reftests don't. Right now all these reftests
> are here:
> https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/layout/base/tests/test_reftests_with_caret.html
> I'm not quite sure why they couldn't be normal reftests with the
> ui.caretBlinkTime pref set to -1. Maybe David, Ehsan or Mats know.

The reason for that is that these tests typically require input of some
sort (mouse, keyboard, for example), and as far as I know at least the
reftest framework didn't support synthesizing events, at least at the
time.  So we ended up creating this small mini-reftest framework in
mochitest so that we can use the EventUtils facilities.  (Also as far as I
remember setting prefs per reftest wasn't possible at the time either.)

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