Now that all of mozilla-central is been migrated to use clang-format automated 
code formatting, the question of what should happen with editor modelines at 
the top of files should be considered.

Here are some options and some arguments I've heard. Please reply with further 
ideas or rationale. I've not classified points as pro/con and leave that up to 
the reader's interpretation.

Option 1: Remove mode lines
  - Devs are expected to run clang-format anyways (hopefully automated with a 
hook of sorts)
  - Devs are free to set their modeline configuration elsewhere
  - If they aren't providing value, they deserve to be removed.
  - Many of these were already inconsistent/wrong, so this might be an 
opportunity to phase out
  - Not all devs use vim/emacs, so we should think about workflows help that 
doesn't need stuff in every single source file.
  - The editorconfig project ( aims to solve this for 
a variety of editors without marking each file

Option 2: Fix mode lines
  - A correct text-width mode-line gives a closer first approximation for devs
  - Certain files (eg., obj-C headers) use a non-standard file types.

A hybrid of these is also very possible, such as removing certain attributes or 
only using when file type is non-standard.

I had originally intended this discussion for js/ components, but it turns out 
to be a question across the whole tree (even if the solution chosen is 

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