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> Now that all of mozilla-central is been migrated to use clang-format
> automated code formatting, the question of what should happen with editor
> modelines at the top of files should be considered.
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=clang-format
> Here are some options and some arguments I've heard. Please reply with
> further ideas or rationale. I've not classified points as pro/con and leave
> that up to the reader's interpretation.
> Option 1: Remove mode lines
>   - Devs are expected to run clang-format anyways (hopefully automated
> with a hook of sorts)
>   - Devs are free to set their modeline configuration elsewhere
>   - If they aren't providing value, they deserve to be removed.
>   - Many of these were already inconsistent/wrong, so this might be an
> opportunity to phase out
>   - Not all devs use vim/emacs, so we should think about workflows help
> that doesn't need stuff in every single source file.
>   - The editorconfig project (https://editorconfig.org/) aims to solve
> this for a variety of editors without marking each file
> Option 2: Fix mode lines
>   - A correct text-width mode-line gives a closer first approximation for
> devs
>   - Certain files (eg. moz.build, obj-C headers) use a non-standard file
> types.
> A hybrid of these is also very possible, such as removing certain
> attributes or only using when file type is non-standard.
> I had originally intended this discussion for js/ components, but it turns
> out to be a question across the whole tree (even if the solution chosen is
> per-module).

https://editorconfig.org/ has been gaining popularity and I think we should
adopt it. Unlike mode lines, you can control behavior for multiple files
with a single source file, making it much more convenient to use.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can set the file type with
.editorconfig files. I think we should lobby for that to be added. Then in
a year's time we can ditch mode lines for the remaining non-standard
filenames in the repo.
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