Summary: Implement and ship InputEvent.inputType for conforming to Input Events Level 1.


Link to standard:
Value of InputEvent.inputType:
Level 1:
Level 2:

Platform coverage: All

Estimated or target release: 66

DevTools bug: N/A

Do other browser engines implement this?

Safari supports Level 2, Chrome supports Level 1, Edge does not support this.

# And I add a lot of inputType check into existing mochitests.

This attribute is set to the reason why the "input" event is fired. This is not so important for "input" event but really important for "beforeinput" event which should be implemented as soon as possible.

The value list difference between Level 2 and Level 1 is, Level 2 adds some inputType value for IME composition. However, Chrome team decided that they ship it with Level 1 due to risk management. And I see some spec issues of Level 2, so, I think that Level 2 is still unstable spec. So,from points of view of both compatibility and risk management, we should use Level 1 values for now (but you can switch to Level 2 support with pref, "dom_input_events.conform_to_level_1", although could be changed in review process).

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