Here's the list of new issues found and filed by the Desktop Release QA team in the last 7 days. Additional details on the team's priorities last week, as well as the plans for the current week are available at: http://tinyurl.com/y2pmvyvy.
Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days:

Core: Audio/Video: Playback
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546064 - [macOS] Flaky or no sound on youtube on high usage

Firefox: Activity Streams: Newtab
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546311 - Favicons are not displayed for bookmarked pages from the Top Stories section from about:newtab

Toolkit: Startup and Profile System
VERIFIED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1546326 <https://bugzil.la/1546326> - [Dedicated Profiles] The about:profiles page does not display correct information if a profile folder is deleted

Firefox: Site Identity and Permission Panels
VERIFIED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1546367 - Report Problems panel still displays the description after sending the report

Firefox: General
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546372 - Twitch does not enter fullscreen when the browser is smaller than fullscreen.

Firefox: Firefox Accounts
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546379 - Inconsistency for the FxA icon position after updating from different FF versions

Firefox: Firefox Accounts
RESOLVED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1546599 - FxA Name is not switched to default state after the user has disconnected from the account

DevTools: Inspector: Rules
ASSIGNED - https://bugzil.la/1546621 - Pseudo-element properties are not marked as overwritten in the rules inspector

Toolkit: Application Update
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546627 - Update downloads performed via BITS are not successfully installed if Firefox is closed during the update process

Toolkit: Application Update
RESOLVED WONTFIX - https://bugzil.la/1546642 - Disabling BITS service after finishing the update download process in the background while Firefox is closed triggers the update download to be restarted via nsIIncremental when opening Firefox again

Cloud Services: Server: Firefox Accounts
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546648 - No clear user feedback when user doesn't allow camera access to set account picture

Firefox: Extension Compatibility
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546652 - [about:preferences#search] Some search engine extensions are still installed even after they were removed

Toolkit: Application Update
RESOLVED WORKSFORME - https://bugzil.la/1546679 - Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging] after toggling app.update.BITS.enabled to true and restarting Firefox during the update download

Core: Graphics: WebRender
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546725 - Rotating complicated models on Sketchfab causes display errors.

Devtools: Inspector: Rules
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546896 - Selection made by keyboard shortcuts is not cleared in Rule view when adding a New Rule

Cloud Services
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546899 - Invalid error displayed when Display name is to long in Manage Account section

Firefox: Sync
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1546386 - Check you email doorhanger is not displayed if the browser is restarted before confirming the sync email

This is available as a Bugzilla bug list as well: https://tinyurl.com/y3cqoffz.


Cristian Comorasu

Comorasu Cristian Iulian
QC Engineer, QA

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