Here's the list of new issues found and filed by the Desktop Release QA team in the last 7 days. Additional details on the team's priorities last week, as well as the plans for the current week are available at: https://tinyurl.com/y4suplk9.
Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days:

Firefox: Toolbars and Customization
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1550753 - Tab navigation could be improved for the menu bar customized Edit controls/Zoom control

Toolkit: XUL Widgets
RESOLVED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1549931 - The tree column picker menu from the Saved Logins dialog box is wrongly displayed if opened twice

Toolkit: Video/Audio Controls
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1550416 - Picture-in-Picture mirrorred in calls - personal_screens

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #330 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/330> - "The tooltip on Yahoo News doesn’t have any text on it"

mozilla: contain-facebook
CLOSED - #331 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/331> - Multiple badges are displayed on the page

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #332 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/332> - On Pinterest the badge is duplicated, both the 28px by 28px and the 17px by 17px are displayed

mozilla: contain-facebook
CLOSED - #333 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/333> - The badge remains displayed after dismissing the FBC panel

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #334 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/334> - On yelp there is no badge for Sign up button, but there is one for Log in button

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #335 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/335> - Back button unavailable after accessing the facebook page from menshealth.com

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #336 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/336> - The login with facebook buttons are not actionable on Hi5

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #337 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/337> - [Intermittent] Container badge appears and disappears after accessing a share link or by hovering over it on USPTO

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #340 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/340> - On premierleague.com the Sign In button doesn't work

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #341 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/341> - The badge for share buttons is not always displayed for certain websites

mozilla: contain-facebook
NEW - #343 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/343> - FBC tool-tip appear as cut off on hovering

This is available as a Bugzilla bug list as well: https://tinyurl.com/y339o7cf.

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