Hey All!

Over the last two months, we've made some excellent progress towards
improving the stability and feature support of Fission-enabled Firefox!

Are We Fission Yet?

The team has been hard at work, pushing down the number of failing Fission
Mochitests dramatically over the past few months! We've managed to get the
current count down to 324 total skipped and failing tests. Fission
Mochitests are now running on tier1 and need your help to get them all to a
passing state. Huge thanks to the M-fis team, and everyone who has worked
with us to help make this happen!

Thanks to the amazing work of :bgrins, :ahal, :gbrown and :kmag, we now
have a site for visualizing our current progress on Fission mochitests (and
hopefully more in the future)! In classic Mozillian fashion, you can find
it at https://arewefissionyet.com/! :kmag also maintains a canonical list
of failing tests, who's working on them, and their current status, if
you're looking to pick up some work and get involved!

†: mozilla-internal document, public read-only mirror
also available.

We have had tremendous progress during the ongoing M4 milestone with over
145 fixed bugs
We would like to thank everyone who’s helped us get this far.

The Omniscient Browser Toolbox

The Devtools team has made excellent strides updating the toolbox to add
out-of-process frame support! As part of this effort, a super-experimental
updated Omniscient Toolbox has been created which allows for the Inspector,
Console and Debugger tabs to be used to debug not just the parent process,
but content processes too!

Support for debugging out-of-process Fission content frames is also being
added, meaning that this could soon become an amazing and important piece
of the browser developer's toolbox! To try this, one can enable “omniscient
browser toolbox” in browser toolbox settings panel and restart the toolbox.
Huge thanks to the whole team.

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