As of today, I intend to turn "column-span" on by default for all platforms
in Firefox 71. It has been developed behind
"layout.css.column-span.enabled" preference, and has been enabled on
Nighly-only in bug 1423383.

*Summary: *
The CSS column-span property, when its value is set to "all" makes an
element span across all columns in the multi-column layout.

*Bug to turn on by default: *

*Meta bug where this feature is developed:*


*Platform coverage:*
Like many other CSS features, column-span has support on all platforms.

*DevTools bug:*
None. Column-span doesn't require special support from the DevTools.

*Other browsers: *
According to, Chrome has shipped unprefixed column-span since
Chrome 50 in 2016, and Safari has shipped this in Safari 9 since 2015.

*web-platform-tests: *
Those tests with title "multicol-span-all-*" in multi-column test suite.

*Secure contexts:* N/A

To support the development of column-span, the architecture of the multicol
layout needs to be changed in a nontrivial way. If you see any bug, please
one file under "Layout: Columns" component. Thanks!

Ting-Yu Lin
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