TLDR: We’ve enabled build error reporting for C/C++ on Linux on Phabricator.

Hello all,

Besides the linting and static analysis that is run on patches at
submission, we’ve added the reporting of build errors for C/C++ as Unit
Test failures.

For now, the build is run on a linux64 machine targeting a linux64
environment, so the potential errors that may occur will strictly come from
this environment.

In order to have a better picture on how these errors are reported, please
see the attached screenshot. <>

Also please note that each time a patch is updated, the Unit Tests results
for the previous version of the patch will be replaced by the results of
the newly submitted one.

Example of an error being reported:

As we are still experimenting with this aspect of Phabricator, don’t
hesitate if you have any feedback.

In parallel, we will also send an email through Taskcluster to make sure
that the error is notified to the author.

With this change, we are aiming at decreasing the turnaround time while
reducing the number of backouts (which require human intervention).

We have recently also improved TreeHerder integration. For every patch
submitted for review (since a few months ago), a new try job is automatically

Now, the reviewbot jobs also clearly reference the review:

Many Thanks,

Andi, on the behalf of the team
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