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> Based on your reasoning, and our consistent intent emails and shipping
> behavior, I think we should consider updating the blog post on this
> matter regarding all CSS features (cc: annevk), or posting a separate
> update post accordingly, using the reasoning you've provided as our
> guidance.

Just to be clear I was not talking about "all" CSS features but mainly the
ones specified in text/css stylesheets. New CSS features that are
implemented through JavaScript APIs (like CSS Painting API) ought to be
restricted, and exemptions should require an explicit compelling argument.
Browsers have already invented mechanisms to expose properties
conditionally so it's not an implementation burden, and it's possible for
web developers to do feature detection and deal with it. The calculus comes
out differently.

[I note the CSS Painting API spec doesn't mention such restrictions
currently, but Chrome's implementation seems to have done so anyway.]

-Dan Veditz
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