On 23 Oct 2019 22:24, Emma Humphries wrote:
Will this make it easier for non-staff contributors to get their change
sets reviewed and landed?

What else should we be doing for that.

I have some ideas I'm working on for views in Bugzilla to help with that so
that contributors can see what's going on, and where they can take action
to help.

Greetings from the Thunderbird sheriff!

Just for the record: I'm using the Mercurial extensions 'hg phabsend' and 'hg phabread' as first described in Kris' post entitled "Re: Stopgap for Commit Series in Phabricator" on 26th July 2018 (yes, one - eight).

That takes three minutes to set up and will work on any platform, also on Windows, where setting up Arcanist is apparently a 12-step process[1]. I don't know why these excellent extensions are not advertised more widely. Thanks to Ian Moody [:KWan] who pointed them out to me.

'hg phabsend' will complain if the reviewer isn't spelled correctly, I haven't tried without reviewer.


[1] https://moz-conduit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/arcanist-windows.html

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