Emilio and Emma brings up an important barrier to outside contribution

Also sprach Emilio Cobos Álvarez:

> On 10/23/19 10:24 PM, Emma Humphries wrote:
>> Will this make it easier for non-staff contributors to get their change
>> sets reviewed and landed?
>> What else should we be doing for that.
>> I have some ideas I'm working on for views in Bugzilla to help with that so
>> that contributors can see what's going on, and where they can take action
>> to help.
> Somewhat unrelatedly, I think the most common issue I see with new
> contributors is they failing to set a reviewer. That means that
> their patch goes completely unnoticed... In that case not sure what
> can help, other than some of us noticing :/
> I'm sure this is not a new problem though... That being said, it's
> a legit use-case, IMO, to update a WIP patch to phabricator without
> a reviewer, for example, to avoid spamming...
> Maybe tools like moz-phab could suggest reviewers, or have a warning
> for the "no reviewers" case?

Patches submitted without reviewers has indeed been a recurring
problem since long before Phabricator.  I wonder, though, if we
could leverage Phabricator and the seeming convergence towards
review groups (or “shared review queues”) to improve the situation.

In the run-up to moving from MozReview to Phabricator, we had the
exact same discussion on this list about what problems outside
contributors face.  Not knowing to flag reviewers or not knowing
who to ask for review, and as a consequence our failure to respond
in a timely manner, is at least in my experience one of the reasons
that turn contributors away.

With Herald, Phabricator has quite a powerful system for filtering
and taking action on incoming diffs.  This is currently restricted
to personal use, so I can for example only add myself individually
as reviewer.

Over the last year many components have started using review groups,
e.g. hash tags such as “r=#remote-protocol-reviewers” and
“r=firefox-build-system-reviewers” to spread the review load more
evenly.  This makes Phabricator diffs turn up in the review queue
for everyone who’s a member of that group.  In the modules I’m owner
of, this has been an unreserved success.

Would it be possible to set up a “global” rule in Phabricator so
that a review group could always be added as reviewer based on a
filtering rule?

If this is possible it would make a decisively better first-time
experience than being told to “go read the commit log and find out
who touched the code last”, as I were told when I started contributing
seven years ago.

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