Hi everyone, I have published the summary for the June 2020 TC39 meeting.
TC39 standardizes JavaScript. If you want to know more, but don't know how
to get started, scroll to the end of this email for some helpful links.

*Important links:*
* Proposal Summaries and Comments
* Complete Notes

*The quick version:*

At this meeting we covered a lot of ground. It was the first four day
meeting, with each meeting at 5 hours. This meeting did not see any stage 2
proposals advance to stage 3, so in terms of implementation work, we do not
have new tasks. However, we do have significant review work. One large
proposal, Temporal, will be seeking stage 3 at an upcoming meeting.
Decorators also need to be discussed again.

In terms of exciting proposals for developers, Record and Tuple are
continuing steady development, and Do notation was brought back.

*Learning more:*

If you are new to the standards world, you can take a look at the process
document [1], and this slide deck that I did to explain the process [2].
We have also built a repository explaining how tc39 works[3]. If you want a
Mozilla-specific take, I doing a stream explaining how to read the
specification and how SpiderMonkey works [4]

[1]: https://tc39.es/process-document/
[3] https://github.com/tc39/how-we-work
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