tl;dr: TSan has proven useful to find even critical problems in our
codebase and we are extending the project by tackling existing issues,
adding more test suites and working on better Rust support. This may mean
that you see more TSan-related bugs in your component, please prioritize
triaging and helping to fix them accordingly.

In February 2020 we communicated
our plans to deploy ThreadSanitizer (TSan) for Firefox to eliminate data
races in our codebase. Since then, we have successfully deployed a Tier1
build and a basic set of Tier1 tests (xpcshell-tests and mochitest-plain).
In the process, we have found even more evidence that data races have an
impact on security and stability on the browser, cause intermittent
failures in CI and even cause intermittent correctness and performance
issues (see e.g. a list of critical bugs
have been opened up already). Therefore, we plan to continue and extend the
project by the following means:


   Decrease the amount of active data race suppression - Suppressions are
   an important mechanism in TSan to temporarily ignore a data race until we
   can fix it (or even permanently if it is deemed unfixable). Some
   suppressions however previously already caused us to accidentally hide more
   (unrelated) data races. For this reason and for the sake of making sure the
   bugs are actually addressed at some point, we will look into each bug and
   either provide a fix ourselves or request your help for doing so. Open TSan
   bugs are currently tracked in bug 929478


   Run more tests - Developers have already started to run more test suites
   on their own, thereby uncovering several bugs, including critical ones. We
   should make sure to run all applicable tests to avoid for these bugs to go
   undetected and avoid regressions in these areas.


   Fully support rust - While (safe) rust code does not suffer from data
   races, we do have a lot of cases where rust and C++ code interact with each
   other and run in parallel. Due to how TSan works, we need to build the full
   rust standard library with TSan for it to properly function and not produce
   false positives with rust code (tracked in bug 1671691

Here’s how you can help: If you see bugs related to data races being filed
in your component, it would greatly help us if you could triage the issue,
let us know about the potential impact and advise us on how the issue can
be fixed or (in more complex cases) devise a fix yourself.

We greatly appreciate your support in making Firefox more stable and secure
and also expect the project to save developers more time in debugging
complex issues caused by data races.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to me.

- Chris (:decoder)
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