In bug 1695376, if all goes well, I plan to land a basic version of the color-mix() function. This is a trimmed down version of the spec (link below).

Firefox engineers requested this, and I also think this minimal version is super-useful on its own, without being blocked on all the HDR color stuff that we haven't implemented yet.



Note that I'm only implementing the basic color-mix syntax without per-color-channel adjustments (so just a set of colors and weights), and I obviously haven't implemented the lab / lch / etc bits because we don't support those colors yet.

Platform coverage: all

Preference: layout.css.color-mix.enabled

DevTools bug:

Other browsers: Other browsers don't support this yet, to my knowledge. Safari has started implementing some of the CSS colors for other color spaces, though not sure if they ship that.

web-platform-tests: I added some basic WPTs that check parsing and that the interpolation matches the one from CSS animations. More tests are needed before shipping something like this of course.
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