On Wed, 11 Jan 2017, Patrick Figel wrote:

On 11/01/2017 04:08, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
Could you speak further to how GoDaddy has resolved this problem? My
hope is that it doesn't involve "Only look for 200 responses" =)

In case anyone is wondering why this is problematic, during the Ballot
169 review process, Peter Bowen ran a check against the top 10,000 Alexa
domains and noted that more than 400 sites returned a HTTP 200 response
for a request to
[1]. A number of those included the URL in the response body, which
would presumably be good enough for GoDaddy's domain validation process
if they indeed only check for a HTTP 200 response.

[1]: https://cabforum.org/pipermail/public/2016-April/007506.html

Are you saying that for an unknown amount of time (years?) someone could
have faked the domain validation check, and once it was publicly pointed
out so everyone could do this, it took one registrar 10 months to fix,
during which 8800 domains could have been falsely obtained and been used
in targetted attacks? Have other registrars made any statement on
whether they were or were not vulnerable to this attack?

Is there a way to find out if this has actually happened for any domain?
I would expect this would show up as "validated" certificates that were
logged in CT but that were never deployed on the real public TLS servers.
Is anyone monitoring that? I assume that for the "big players" who do
self-monitoring, were not affected? *crosses fingers*

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