The posting to log server still not finished.

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On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Richard Wang <> wrote:
>     (1) WoSign totally issued 100K SSL certificates in 2015 that we are 
> posting to CT log server (not 115K, Sorry, I used the wrong search condition);
>     (2) WoSign totally issued 230K SSL certificates till now for worldwide 
> websites about 208 countries and regions.

As of yesterday, I found 131924 unique certificates (either in final or 
precertificate form) in CT logs where the issuer contained the string "wosign". 
 Of these, 62412 have notBefore with the year 2015.
Of the total set, 20723 have already expired (15.7%).  Of the 2015 certs, 9380 
are already expired (15.0%).

Based on the 230K total number, it seems save to assume about 196K certs are 
probably unexpired at this point.  Does that seem accurate?
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