As you might have already known, most of Google services are blocked within 
China, including this very forum.

I'm not sure how a fair and just assessment of a CA, that primarily serves the 
Chinese market, can be had without any participation from any of its users.

Having equal right for the Chinese citizen to participate in the discussion of 
this technical matter not only benefits Mozilla, as more evidence of the 
technical strength of a CA can be presented, but also gives credibility and 
value to a Chinese CA, since a right process can be had by giving its users a 
way to audit its behavior.

Without a participation from the Chinese citizens, this supposedly free 
discussion group seems more like a privileged club, where only those who are 
either outside of China or have a VPN can join.

I look forward for Mozilla and CA organizations to work to build a better 
internet for everyone, by urging the Chinese government to stop censoring the 
internet, starting from this forum.
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