This request is to include the "GDCA TrustAUTH R5 ROOT" certificate, turn on 
the Websites trust bit, and enabled EV treatment.

In order to help get this discussion moving again, I asked GDCA to provide a 
side-by-side comparison of the latest version of the BRs with their CP/CPS 

They provided this BR-self-assessment here:

The documents that were evaluated in this self-assessment are available on the 
CA's website. 

All of these documents contain both the original text in Chinese, and the 
translation into English.

Document Repository:

GDCA CP v1.5:

GDCA CPS v4.4:

GDCA EV CP v1.3:


I will greatly appreciate it if you all would take another look at this CA's 
request, review their self-assessment, and respond in this discussion to let me 
know if you believe that this CA has addressed all of your questions or 

Also, I would like to make this BR-self-assessment a standard part of Mozilla's 
root inclusion/change process. I will draft what that will look like, and start 
a separate discussion about it. 

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