I'm getting ready to send the April 2017 CA Communication email.

I updated the wiki page to have the survey introduction text, and a (read-only) 
link to the full survey:

The survey in the Common CA Database is now open, with an expiration date of 
May 1.

The text for the mass email is ready (see below). I have it set to be sent to 
the CA's email alias and CC'd to the Primary Points of Contact for each CA 
currently included in Mozilla's program.

== Email Text ==
Subject: Mozilla CA Communication: Action requested by April 28, 2017


Dear Certification Authority,

This email requests a set of actions on your behalf, as a participant in 
Mozilla's CA Certificate Program, by April 28, 2017.

Please login to the Common CA Database, click on the 'CA Communications (Page)' 
tab, select the 'April 2017 CA Communication' survey, and submit your initial 
response by April 28, 2017.


A compiled list of CA responses to the survey action items will be 
automatically and immediately published by the Common CA Database here:

In addition to responding to the action items in this survey, we are 
instituting a program requirement that you follow discussions in the forum, which includes discussions about upcoming 
changes to Mozilla's CA Certificate Policy, questions and clarification about 
policy and expectations, root certificate inclusion/change requests, and 
certificates that are found to be non-compliant with the CA/Browser Forum's 
Baseline Requirements or other program requirements. You are not required to 
contribute to those discussions, only to be aware of them. However, we hope you 
will participate and help shape the future of Mozilla's CA Certificate Program.

Participation in Mozilla's CA Certificate Program is at our sole discretion, 
and we will take whatever steps are necessary to keep our users safe. 
Nevertheless, we believe that the best approach to safeguard that security is 
to work with CAs as partners, to foster open and frank communication, and to be 
diligent in looking for ways to improve. Thank you for your cooperation in this 


Kathleen Wilson
Mozilla CA Program Manager
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