On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 12:28:16PM -0700, Ryan Sleevi via dev-security-policy 
> > https://portal.mobilitymixx.nl
> I'm not sure I understand enough to know what the issues are here. Could you 
> explain?

Both the localityName and stateOrProvinceName are Almere, while
the province is Flevoland.

What's also confusing is that the owner seems to have changed
from Mobility Mixx B.V. (NL) to Leaseplan Information Services
Limited (IE) and then back to Mobility Mixx B.V. (NL).

> > https://portal.payplaza.com
> https://crt.sh/?id=106229165
> I'm not sure I understand the issues enough to know what's wrong here?

It says "Noord-Holland" instead of "Noord-Brabant".


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