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> > On 01/05/17 07:52, Percy wrote:
> >> It seems that StartCom continues to sell untrusted certs. Neither their
> home page https://www.startcomca.com/ nor their announcement page
> https://www.startcomca.com/index/news mentions that those certs are not
> trusted.
> >
> > Why is this something that Mozilla should be concerned with?
> >
> > "Selling untrusted certs" is not a crime, or a violation of any
> > standard. Mozilla is not the global authority on what certificates may
> > be issued. If StartCom are providing certificates which do not do what
> > their customers expect, I'm sure those customers will let them know
> > about it soon enough.
> What StartCom claims about compatibility is potentially more
> Mozilla-relevant than what they are silent about. At the bottom of their
> front page, it says "StartComâ„¢ / StartSSLâ„¢is supported by:" followed by
> icons. The icons include an early icon for Camino and the SeaMonkey icon.
> Since Camino was discontinued before Mozilla's change in trust in StartCom
> certificates, I guess having Camino there isn't technically incorrect, but
> is about as relevant as having the Flock icon there. However, is it correct
> to have the SeaMonkey icon there? The latest SeaMonkey release seems to
> post-date the Mozilla root program's trust change in StartCom certificates.
> (But then, it seems that there have been a number of Firefox ESR security
> patch releases that post-date the SeaMonkey release. Is SeaMonkey still
> active, despite appearing not to ship Gecko security updates, and does
> SeaMonkey implement the same trust special-casing as Firefox? It seems to
> produce nightlies still.)
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Ha, it seems that they removed those icons in response to your comments. Now 
they only list Edge, IE, Android and windows.
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