On 07/06/17 22:30, Jakob Bohm wrote:
> Potential clarification: By "New PKI", Mozilla apparently refers to the
> "Managed CAs", "Transition to a New Symantec PKI" and related parts of
> the plan, not to the "new roots" for the "modernized platform" / "new
> infrastructure".

I expect those things to be interlinked; by "New PKI" I was referring to
them both.

Symantec has not yet stated how they plan to structure their new
arrangements, but I would expect that the intermediate certs run by the
managed CAs would in some way become part of Symantec's new PKI,
operated by them, once it was up and running. Ryan laid out a way
Symantec could structure this on blink-dev, I believe, but the final
structure is up to them.

> Potential clarification: Mozilla's #3 requirement applies to both the
> "new PKI" and the "new roots" for the "new infrastructure".

Yes, I suppose so, although I would expect such an extra-detailed audit
to be done on the new infrastructure rather than on the Managed CA
infrastructure which is owned by another CA.

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