El jueves, 20 de julio de 2017, 16:49:15 (UTC+2), Gervase Markham  escribió:
> On 19/07/17 14:53, Alex Gaynor wrote:
> > I'd like to report the following instance of miss-issuance:
> Thank you. Again, I have drawn this message to the attention of the CAs
> concerned (Government of Venezuela and Camerfirma).
> Gerv

Hi all

Regarding Camerfirma certificates, we have follow the rules imposed by the 
local public administration to regulate the profile of several certificates. 
SSL certificates for public administration websites included. There is a entry 
in cabforum where this issue is described 
New eIDAS regulation has forced to Spanish Administration to fix this problem 
so from now on we can issue certificate that fully fulfil the cabforum rules.
AC Camerfirma will offer to our public administration customers to renew the 
SSL certificates  with our new eIDAS 2016 CAs. 

Best regards.
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