El martes, 15 de agosto de 2017, 15:13:04 (UTC+2), Gervase Markham  escribió:
> On 08/08/17 14:33, Alex Gaynor wrote:
> > Following up on this thread, 8 days ago I emailed Camerfirma, I have not
> > heard back from them, nor have they taken any action. What is the
> > appropriate next step here?
> I have emailed the primary Point of Contact at Camerfirma to enquire as
> to what is going on.
> Gerv
Hi Gev and Alex

We have been trying to contact with our customer to replace the wrong 
certificate otherwise we could block our customers services. We found 
difficulties to reach the right person due to the holidays period. 

We have already revoke 
- https://crt.sh/?id=5129200&opt=cablint
- https://crt.sh/?id=42531587&opt=cablint
and we are working on
- https://crt.sh/?id=112929021&opt=cablint
We expect to be revoked along this day

All of then are mistakes from the request form that are not been detected by 
the AR operator.

placing "http://"; or "https://"; in the domain name. 

We are going to improve control over the domain name entry form and report to 
the AR operators.

Best regards  


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