In the remediation plan that was published in October there was a chart in
which was indicate how the group was going to change, from WoSign management
to be under 360 management. I can provide the information again if you wish.

StartCom Spain is 100% owned by Startcom UK, which is also 100% owned by the
Startcom HK which is the head of the group. Over this, there´s 360 managing
it all. I don´t think I have to share here the notary papers but this is how
it´s structured now.
About the incorporation of Richard, I already explained the reason, it´s
just a bank issue and it´s just temporary until we can change the signatory.

Best regards

Iñigo Barreira
StartCom CA Limited

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On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 11:03:27 PM UTC+3, Jakob Bohm wrote: 
> 7. At Quihoo: Actually get rid of Richard Wang, not just change his
>    title from CEO to COO.

I didn't map the new hierarchy of the "Spanish" StartCom CA ("StartCom CA
Spain Sociedad Limitada"), having trouble registering to the Spanish company
house and pull documents (I pulled from 3rd party, but they're garbage [1]
[2]). I did mange to see that Mr. Barreira is the Directory but nothing on
the share holders or parent company.

I took a quick look at StartCom UK (as the information there is free) and
noticed Mr. Wang became a director again [3]... I wonder who is "StartCom CA
Spain Sociedad Limitada" parent/share holder, maybe a disclosure?

1. https://www.letsphish.org/files/StartCom-CA-SPA-Appointment.pdf
2. https://www.letsphish.org/files/StartCom-CA-SPA-Profile.pdf
3. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09744347
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