Hi Percy,

StartCom Spain exists since september last year. And it was included in the
remediation plan set in October last year, but at the time Gerv wrote that
email it didn´t exist officially, it took a while to be registered
officially in the "equivalent" spanish companies house.
The process started in august, it´s typically a holiday month, and it took
longer than expected because there were some organizations closed or with
few people working.

Best regards

Iñigo Barreira
StartCom CA Limited

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On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 2:36:10 PM UTC-7, Itzhak Daniel wrote:
> On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 11:03:27 PM UTC+3, Jakob Bohm wrote: 
> > 7. At Quihoo: Actually get rid of Richard Wang, not just change his
> >    title from CEO to COO.
> I didn't map the new hierarchy of the "Spanish" StartCom CA ("StartCom CA
Spain Sociedad Limitada"), having trouble registering to the Spanish company
house and pull documents (I pulled from 3rd party, but they're garbage [1]
[2]). I did mange to see that Mr. Barreira is the Directory but nothing on
the share holders or parent company.
> I took a quick look at StartCom UK (as the information there is free) and
noticed Mr. Wang became a director again [3]... I wonder who is "StartCom CA
Spain Sociedad Limitada" parent/share holder, maybe a disclosure?
> Links:
> 1. https://www.letsphish.org/files/StartCom-CA-SPA-Appointment.pdf
> 2. https://www.letsphish.org/files/StartCom-CA-SPA-Profile.pdf
> 3. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09744347

StartCom CA Spain Sociedad Limitada was not in the original hierarchy [1] or
the proposed hierarchy [2] . I request that StartCom makes a full disclosure
of the ownership information. 

In addition, in the WoSign remediation plan, WoSign Stated[3] that 

Due to the severity of issues noted within, the decision has been made to
address the above three areas as they fall under the areas of 1)
leadership/authority in WoSign and StartCom, 2) operational/business process
and 3) technology. 

If WoSign/Startcom has determined leadership/authority is the No.1 cause of
issues, why is Richard Wang appointed as a director of StartCom merely 6
month after his removal? This doesn't even mention his COO role at WoSign. 

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