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This raises the question if CAs should be responsible for misissued
domain names, or if they should be allowed to issue certificates to
actually existing DNS names.

No. It doesn't. That's been addressed several times in the CA/Browser Forum
with other forms of 'invalid' (non-preferred name syntax) domain names,
such as those with underscores.
> It's not permitted under RFC 5280, thus, CAs are responsible. Full stop.

As an aside (not applicable to this case), it is worth noting that some
newer RFCs explicitly require DNS names with underscores, though
currently only for things that won't to go in a certificate dnsName SAN

I don't know if the bad punycode encodings are in the 2nd level names (a
registrar/registry responsibility, both were from 2012 or before) or in
the 3rd level names (locally created at an unknown date).

An online utility based on the older RFC349x round trips all of these.
So if the issue is only compatibility with a newer RFC not referenced from
the current BRs, these would probably be OK under the current BRs and
certLint needs to accept them.

No, it's a newer RFC not referenced in RFC 5280, so it's not permitted
under the current BRs.

There's no retroactive immunity.

As you could see, in the snipped part of my posting, I was checking the
wrong name from the certificate and concluding that it was apparently
valid under RFC349x, which Jonathan wrote was the one referenced by the
BRs.  Therefore I mistook the report for complaining that the encoding
was not valid under RFC5890, which is not referenced by the BRs.

In a later post, Jonathan explained that the problematic name was a
different one which I did not look at.


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