Isn't that question a little disingenuous?

There was massive controversy in the mainstream tech press and throughout
the InfoSec press and elsewhere when a certificate with this EV indication
for this entity name for this website and purpose previously issued.  It
invites trouble in the sense that one must assume that the reaction will be
more of the same -- worse, actually, as it now suggests that the last time
wasn't a fluke.

It is difficult to believe that a rational actor would not expect an
issuance of the same nature as last time to yield anything other than the
same controversy.

For most commercial entities, taking an action that results in something
you're able to monetize and sell today becoming something you can no longer
meaningfully sell tomorrow is "inviting trouble".


On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 2:31 PM, Jonathan Rudenberg <>

> What "trouble" is being invited? I don't see a problem. Everything is
> operating exactly as expected. GoDaddy did nothing wrong.
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