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> I expect this is true, but it seems to me that if anything it is an
> argument that EV doesn't provide security value, not the other way
> around: DV certificates are much cheaper to obtain than EV, and so
> naturally if you just need a certificate you're going to get DV.
> OTOH, if users actually trusted EV more, it might be worthwhile for
> an attacker to get EV anyway.

It is as ever simultaneously reassuring and annoying to see EKR wrote
what I was thinking but more succinctly and a few hours before I get
time to draft an email.


My interpretation is that a LOT of phishing sites in 2019 only
have DV certificates because that was the default. The crooks didn't
think "I need a certificate" they thought "I need a web site" and in
2019 a typical web site comes with a certificate - same as you don't
need to buy separate seatbelts for your car these days.

If we are looking to protect users from Phishing, we should promote
WebAuthn, not Extended Validation, because we know WebAuthn actually
protects users from phishing.

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