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> DB: One of the reasons that phishers don't get EV certificates is
> because the vetting process requires several interactions and
> corporate repositories which end up revealing more about their
> identity.  This leaves a trail back to the individual that set up the
> fake site which discourages the use of EV. DV is completely anonymous
> and leaves very few traces.

It's really tangential to Mozilla's purpose but it's worth dispelling
this myth.

Nothing about your identity is revealed. Let's take the country I live
in as an example, it looks superficially as though you need to reveal a
lot of personal details to register a company in the United Kingdom.
Surely this is all backed up with the considerable power of the
government of a major world power, and so if I can track down which
company is behind a phishing site then the individuals responsible
won't be hard to find right?

Er, no. If you just lie on the paperwork nothing will happen. If
private citizens point out specifically that the paperwork for your
company is a tissue of lies, Companies House will reply to explain that
alas the government doesn't have sufficient resources to investigate or
do anything about it and so it's just too bad their records are largely
fictitious nonsense. Still they promise they _care_ about this, it's
a top priority, just not one that anything will be done about...

There has been exactly one prosecution for lying to Companies House in
the modern era. They had the money and pursued it through the courts
very enthusiastically on exactly that one occasion and no other. Guess
why? Because someone wrote up paperwork for a bogus company naming
famous politicians who'd done nothing to fix this for years. That was
bad publicity, and so the government threw resources at "fixing" the
problem, ie prosecuting the person who pointed out the corruption.

Read "Where there's Muck there's Brass Plates" for further examples of
how much worse than few fraudsters phishing for bank credentials the
rot in British companies already is:

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