Am Sonntag, 18. August 2019 07:18:56 UTC+2 schrieb Matt Palmer:
> [...] From what I can see so far,
> browser vendors aren't "ending" EV certificates, a couple of them are merely
> modifying their UIs guided by relevant research into the efficacy (or lack
> thereof) of the current UI.
> - Matt

Matt, I don't understand this. Isn't removing the UI bling the same as 
"removing" EV from the browser? The UI difference is either so tiny or even 
not-existant, so I guess that EV will eventually ended by the Customers/CAs. I 
just looked at Opera and noticed that they don't have any UI difference at all, 
which means I have to open the X.509 certificate to see if it is EV or not.
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