Yes. That was the point of my post. There is a requirement fo return an ocsp 
repsonse for a pre cert where the cert hasn't issued because of the Mozilla 
policy. Hence our failure was a Mozilla policy violation even if no practical 
system can use the response because no actual cert (without a posion extension) 
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> Thanks for posting this Curt.  We investigated and posted an incident
> report on Bugzilla. The root cause was related to pre-certs and an error in
> generating certificates for them. We're fixing the issue (should be done
> shortly).  I figured it'd be good to document here why pre-certs fall under
> the requirement so there's no confusion for other CAs.

Oh, Jeremy, you were going so well on the bug, but now you've activated my
trap card (since you love the memes :) )

It's been repeatedly documented every time a CA tries to make this

Would you suggest we remove that from the BRs? I'm wholly supportive of
this, since it's known I was not a fan of adding it to the BRs for
precisely this sort of creative interpretation. I believe you're now the
... fourth... CA that's tried to skate on this?

Multiple root programs have clarified: The existence of a pre-certificate
is seen as a binding committment, for purposes of policy, by that CA, that
it will or has issued an equivalent certificate.

Is there a requirement that a CA return a valid OCSP response for a pre-cert if 
they have not yet issued the equivalent certificate?

Is there a requirement that a CA return a valid OCSP response for a serial 
number that has never been assigned?  I know of several OCSP responders that 
return a HTTP error in this case.

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