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> OK, I'll try one last time to see if you are willing to share Google 
> information that you have with this group on the question at hand (Do browser 
> phishing filters and anti-virus apps use EV data in their anti-phishing 
> algorithms).  
> This is super easy, and doesn't even require you to do any work, like 
> contacting Google Safe Browsing and asking them to participate in this 
> conversation.
> Here's the question, and all I'm asking you to do is answer "Yes," "No," or 
> "I Don't Know"
> **Based on your personal knowledge, does Google Safe Browsing use any EV 
> certificate Subject information in its anti-phishing algorithms?**


There is also the possibility that Ryan may have such knowledge, but absent 
permission from his employer, he is not at liberty to disclose internal company 
policies and procedures on an open forum. Indeed, it would not surprise me if 
this were the situation.

I’m not saying that this is the case, but merely to say that the Yes/No/IDK 
does not represent the full set of feasible responses.



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