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> So, this is something that would be helpfully clarified via either an IETF 
> draft,

There's already a 6962-bis draft [1] in IESG Last Call, which (when we 
finally complete it!) will obsolete RFC6962.  6962-bis redefines 
precertificates so that they're not actually X.509 certificates. 
Therefore, I don't think a "clarify RFC6962" draft is necessary.

Thinking aloud...
Does anything need to be clarified in 6962-bis though?
A (non-X.509) 6962-bis precertificate contains the serial number that 
will appear in the certificate (if or when that certificate is issued), 
so: Should the CA be forbidden, permitted or required to operate 
revocation services for that serial number once the 6962-bis 
precertificate has been produced but before the certificate has been 
issued?  (And is this a technical matter for 6962-bis to address, or a 
policy matter that's out of scope for the 6962-bis document?)

[1] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis/

> or clarifications in the BRs.  There are various things in the OCSP RFCs and 
> even the BRs that can be read as precluding good OCSP responses for 
> pre-certificates, although the situation is unclear since the relevant 
> sections are blissfully ignorant of CT, and the correct behavior here was 
> unfortunately left out of RFC 6962, which should have clarified this.
> Happy to help draft something.  There are some interesting complexities once 
> you dig deeper.
> -Tim
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>> The language says you have to provide the response for the cert as if it 
>> exists,
>> but the reality is that sending a response for the precert is the same as
>> calculating the result for the certificate as if it exists and sending that. 
>> They are
>> the same thing because the precert is treated the same as the final cert if 
>> the
>> final cert doesn’t exist.
>> I believe the intent is that a CT-naïve OCSP checker would work normally when
>> presented with a precert or a certificate. Afterall, a precert is really 
>> just a
>> certificate with a special extension.
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>> This means, for example, that (i) a CA must provide OCSP services and
>> responses in accordance with the Mozilla policy for all pre-certificates as 
>> if
>> corresponding certificate exists and (ii) a CA must be able to revoke a pre-
>> certificate if revocation of the certificate is required under the Mozilla 
>> policy
>> and the corresponding certificate doesn't actually exist and therefore cannot
>> be revoked.
>> Should a CA using a precertificate signing certificate be required to provide
>> OCSP services for their precertificates? Or is it on the relying party to 
>> calculate
>> the proper OCSP request for the final certificate and send that instead? In
>> other words, should we expect a CT-naïve OCSP checker to work normally
>> when presented, e.g., with https://crt.sh/?id=1868433277?
>> Alex
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