On 08/10/2019 13:41, Corey Bonnell wrote:
On Monday, October 7, 2019 at 10:52:36 AM UTC-4, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
I'm curious how folks feel about the following practice:

Imagine a CA, "Foo", that creates a new Root Certificate ("Root 1"). They
create this Root Certificate after the effective date of the Baseline
Requirements, but prior to Root Programs consistently requiring compliance
with the Baseline Requirements (i.e. between 2012 and 2014). This Root
Certificate does not comply with the BRs' rules on Subject: namely, it
omits the Country field.

> ...

Given that there is discussion about mandating the use of ISO3166 or other 
databases for location information, the profile of the subjectDN may change 
such that future cross-signs cannot be done without running afoul of policy.

With this issue and Ryan’s scenario in mind, I think there may need to be some 
sort of grandfathering allowed for roots so that cross-signs can be issued 
without running afoul of policy. What I’m less certain on, is to what extent 
this grandfathering clause would allow for non-compliance of the current 
policies, as that is a very slippery slope and hinders progress in creating a 
saner webPKI certificate profile. For the CA that Ryan brings up, I’m less 
inclined to allow for a “grandfathering” as the root certificate in question 
was originally mis-issued. But for a root certificate that was issued in 
compliance with the policy at the time but now no longer has a compliant 
subjectDN, perhaps a carve-out in Mozilla Policy to allow for a cross-sign 
(using the now non-compliant subjectDN) is warranted.

Please note the situation explained in the first paragraph of Ryan's
scenario: The (hypothetical) Root 1 without a C element may have been
issued before Vrowser Policy made BR compliance mandatory.  In other
words, BR non-compliance may not have been actual non-compliance at
that time.


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