To try and minimize some of the tone-policing ad hominem, arguments from
authority, and thread-jacking, especially on-list, let's circle back to the
subject of this thread, and hopefully you can offer constructive solutions

Is my understanding correct that your concern is you don't believe it's
appropriate to discuss concerns about systemic patterns of misissuance, to
highlight specific CAs that have demonstrated misissuance despite every
reasonable effort to prevent it, and to suggest that it's reasonable to
consider solutions such as either distrusting CAs (If this is simply "a few
bad apples") or systemic changes (if this is "all CAs")? Before you veered
well off-topic into tone policing, it did seem that the gist of your
argument was that you don't think it's reasonable or appropriate to suggest
that removing trust in CAs might be an appropriate remediation to sustained
patterns of failure?

In the spirit of finding productive solutions, rather than hijacking
threads, perhaps you could offer suggestions on what you believe could or
should have been done to prevent the issues like we saw. As noted in the
original message, Mozilla sent a CA communication reminding CAs of the
upcoming change, and requiring they positively confirm that they would
abide by it. However, that still failed. This was not a new requirement
Mozilla was introducing, but one introduced by Microsoft some time ago.
Every one of the CAs responded that they understood the requirement and
would abide by it.

What, in your opinion, could or should have been done to prevent this?

If your view is that nothing can prevent it, then yes, we'll disagree, and
a position of accepting those flaws without attempting to prevent them is
likely to find no purchase here.
If your view is that something could have been done, but wasn't, then it'd
be useful to understand what was missing.

It's unclear if you had thoughts to share on the topic, but if you'd like
to suggest it's inappropriate to distrust CAs, or to question whether there
are systemic flaws in the CA ecosystem if such events are functionally
inevitable, then my hope is you'd have solutions you can offer, and ideas
that have not yet been considered. Those would be examples of productive
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