DHS is only using Mozilla’s trust store for determining trust.  They are not 
using a government-based trust store.


We talked to Entrust last week.  Entrust was creating certificates with 
“” as the old way.  Recently, Entrust has been generating 
certificates with “” as their current and preferred method.


We want to get the domain added to Mozilla’s trust store, so DHS 
scans don’t come back with false positives.  What is the process of getting added to Mozilla’s trust base??




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We have a customer at the VA who uses an Entrust root:
Issuer   Entrust


They are repeatedly flagged by DHS for not using a trusted certificate and
using a self-signed certificate.  DHS uses Mozilla Trust Store.

Taking a look at the following file: 
iltins/certdata.txt, we can see that everything pertaining to Entrust end in

The Entrust CA our customer uses ends in .COM.  Both extensions are the same
thing.  How can we have the .COM certificate added Globally to Mozilla's
Trust Store?  This will resolve the issues being reported by DHS for us.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Derek,


Entrust Datacard runs a number of different CAs.  The various CAs are intended 
for various purposes.


The CA you are using is intended for government-only applications.  The CAs 
that are included in the Mozilla Trust Store are intended for citizen or 
business-facing applications.  It sounds like DHS is recommending that you use 
a certificate that is designed for citizen or business-facing applications.  I 
would talk to Entrust Datacard or another CA in the Mozilla Trust Store to see 
about getting a new certificate.




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