You can give Yetus a link to either a jira or a github PR and it'll
work out what you mean most of the time.

I think it'll only comment on the github PR if you start with that,
but I haven't tried making use of the jira-to-github bridge in that
direction. (I've only started with a jira in Patch Available that has
a link to a PR in it.)

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:53 AM, Josh Elser <> wrote:
> We're currently running duplicate tests on Travis and ASF jenkins.
> Last time I tried to do anything on Travis with a minicluster, it kind of
> blew up.
> Given Mike's last PR had a failure in -Psunny, it would be good to be able
> to catch these automatically (let me be lazy and not re-run these tests
> before merging).
> As such, I've tweaked
> a little bit to try to stabilize it, but figured I would ask, long term,
> what should our goal be?
> I'd like to get Yetus working again at some point, but I'm not sure how to
> wire it up with PR's (so that we have one way that contributions are
> tested).
> - Josh


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