Hi Folks

For last few months most of us had to send pull requests to the Airavata
repository and most of the pull requests were reviewed thoroughly and
merged with the tremendous support of Marcus and other committers of the

As now we have a significantly active committer base, I believe we can get
help from new committers to enforce review-commit cycle in order to improve
the quality of code. Here is the idea.

Everyone (whether you are a committer or not) sends pull request to the
project rather than directly committing. Then others can review the pull
request and give their feedback. If there is nothing to change, they can
simply comment +1 to the pull request. If all the comments for the PR were
resolved and there are at least 2 (let's discuss about this number) +1s
form the committers, then the PR can be merged. This will enable to view
our code from another eye and fix potential future issues right at the

Please share your ideas.


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