Never used BRIN. I think in general DB of Airflow is rather small under
most circumstances (comparing to the databases I used to work with) - and I
think it could be a premature optimisation to switch type of index without
an actual evidence it is a problem of any sort and that we should use it.
Especially that it is Postgres-only - if find out that is worth fixing in
Postgres (because there is a serious performance improvement we can get)
then I think we must find a way how to make similar improvements in MySQL.
There are some existing mysql installations out there.


On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 1:15 AM Kamil Breguła <>

> Hello,
> Has anyone tried to introduce BRIN indexes into the database schema?
> BRIN index is a great solution when we have a table in which the data is
> arranged chronologically by date or sequence number. It provides similar
> benefits to horizontal partitioning or sharding but without needing to
> explicitly declare partitions.  BRIN-based indexes consume significantly
> less memory than B-tree indexes. It is supported by PostgreSQL
> In one project, where I have over 10 million records in one single table,
> rows looup took over 5 minutes. After introduce BRIN indexes, the time has
> dropped to less than 0.5 seconds. I personally love it.
> At first glance, this database structure perfectly matches our use case.
> Best regards,
> Kamil Breguła


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