I'm pretty newbie to the project, so I apologize in advance if I'm being
too silly.

Is there any plan or goal to refactor big files into packages, like it
happened to sensors.py? Has it been tried before with the files I list
bellow and failed? I searched Jira for 'refactor' and didn't find much.

Airflow codebase has some giant ugly files, what makes it difficult to find
things and organize. Also it makes difficult for new contributors to
understand the code and could even keep some from contributing, having
impact in the community growth.

Here are the bigger files:

5008 airflow/models.py
3121 tests/jobs.py
2844 airflow/www/views.py
2595 airflow/jobs.py
2494 tests/core.py
1847 tests/models.py
1674 airflow/bin/cli.py
1487 airflow/contrib/hooks/bigquery_hook.py
1045 airflow/contrib/operators/dataproc_operator.py

I've been playing and experimenting with models.py a little. It's
difficult, but it might be possible.

Well, that's it.

Best regards.

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