Your guess is as good as mine on what is involved in graduation. I think that 
we sorted the Licensing issues in 1.10.0 (even if the way we sorted it was a 
little annoying - having to specify the environment variable at `pip install` 
time is a littlle bit un-pythonic, but I wasn't thinking of fixing that in 

Some of the steps and requirements are listed here 
<>, but in summary from a 
quick read of it I think the process is:

- Collect some information, put it on 
<> for the IPMC
- We as a community hold a vote on if we think we're ready to graduate
- IPMC vote on it too
- propose motion for (monthly) Apache board meeting

There might be a few more steps involves, such as drafting a Charter (we would 
probably start with a "stock" Apache one)


> On 20 Sep 2018, at 18:22, Maxime Beauchemin <> 
> wrote:
> Yeah let's make it happen! I'm happy to set some time aside to help with
> the final push.
> Max
> On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 9:53 AM Sid Anand <> wrote:
>> Folks! (specifically Bolke, Fokko, Ash)
>> What's needed to graduate from Apache?
>> Can we make 1.10.1 be about meeting our licensing needs to allow us to
>> graduate?
>> -s

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