I would say go ahead and remove them with no claims.

On 3/5/18, 4:05 PM, "Jonathan Hurley" <jhur...@hortonworks.com> wrote:

    Anyone want to claim these branches? If not, I'd like to remove them. 
    > On Feb 27, 2018, at 9:48 AM, Jonathan Hurley <jhur...@hortonworks.com> 
    > Hi committers and contributors,
    > I noticed today that Ambari has had a few new branches created which 
don't seem to be proper feature branches. They are:
    > my_trunk
    > vbrodetskyi-branch-2.6
    > We recently went through and cleaned out a whole bunch of stale branches 
and we want to keep our branch list clean. Can the owners of these branches 
indicate what they are being used for? If they are not proper  feature branches 
they should be re-created in your own forks and removed from Apache's repo. If 
they are long-lived feature branches, then they should be of the format: 
branch-feature-AMBARI-XXXXX where the X's indicate the epic in Jira.
    > Thanks!

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