2018-03-02 13:13 GMT+01:00 Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org>:

> > All I wanted to say, keeping things visually consistent helps
> > understanding.  So, my simple set of rules is:
> >    - <var> is for attributes
> >    - <q> is for values
> >    - <code> is for shell variable names/property name/CLI options and
> input
> >    (should change that to <kbd>, really)
> >    - <samp> is for everything else, like filenames etc
> Looks reasonable.

I added another batch of changes related to <kbd> which is used for input,
CLI options and external commands/utilities.
While doing that, I realised that <pre> needs both input and output classes
(the latter being already present).
My choice was to make <pre class="input"> and <kbd> visually identical,
somewhat reminiscent of old CRT terminals.
Then I added more highlighting for class and method names with <code
which is visually identical to <pre>, but used inline, and even some <code

You can see the result at


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