Github user jaikiran commented on the issue:
    I don't have enough knowledge about the thread safety aspects of the 
`Project` class. Stefan (@bodewig) would know more. However, having look at its 
code, I see similar locks and thread safety constructs for other members, so I 
think this change is fine.
    As for the testcase, I think it's OK to add one. However, the snippet that 
you pasted might need some work. Right now, it uses a single thread and then in 
that thread's execution runs the APIs of the `Project` class in a loop. So it 
really doesn't exercise the multi-thread access behaviour and the access will 
all be sequential. What you could do is, use a fixed thread pool with a decent 
size (10 perhaps) and then use a loop (of 10) to submit the 
`p.CopyOfReferences` in that loop and finally `get()` the result for each of 
those `Future`s.


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