Github user ferrerod commented on the issue:
    My Java skills may be quite rusty, hence the 3 year old JDK. Looking at 
implementation of method run(.., Document in, ExtractionResult out) in 
``, I see a couple things that puzzle me and if you 
have time to explain I'd be grateful:
    1. I do NOT see anywhere in where 'out' is 
being written to. Why is that?
    2. // the results of this method are never used?
    `jsonldScripts = extractJSONLDScript(in, baseProfile, ..., out);`
    3. //the inner class JSONLDScript takes 3 parameters in the initializer but 
only assigns xpath to an instance variable but the other two (IRI name, String 
content) are never assigned to the instance.  Is this intended / correct?
    `    public JSONLDScript(String xpath, IRI name, String content) {
          this.xpath = xpath;


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