I am Julio Caguano, an undergraduate student of Computer Science at
University of Cuenca in Ecuador and I would like to participate in the GOSC
2018 program with this project [1]. I have been playing with semantic
technologies (i.e. RDF, SPARQL) for a while, as part of some of my
subjects. Also I have a decent knowledge of the Java language and know the
fundamentals of C/C++.

I was taking a look to Any23 source code and I noticed it uses RDF4J so the
implementation of the new RDFa parser should be done through the RDFParse
interface of that framework, am I right?. On the other hand, I was thinking
that the Java - C/C++ communication could be performed via JNI (Java Native
Interface), loading compiled objects of librdfa as libraries and invoking
them with native calls in Java. What do you think?, do you have a better
approach for the bridge problem in mind?.

Also I was wondering if the librdfa library should be included somehow in
the Any23 project as a dependency or is it better to keep it separated and
devise a post installation process to add the needed files for the new RDFa



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