Hello Julio,
Thanks for your interest in the project. Responses inline

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> Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:18:20 -0500
> Subject: [GOSC 2018] - Implement ability to use librdfa - 295
> Dear.
> I am Julio Caguano, an undergraduate student of Computer Science at
> University of Cuenca in Ecuador and I would like to participate in the GOSC
> 2018 program with this project [1]. I have been playing with semantic
> technologies (i.e. RDF, SPARQL) for a while, as part of some of my
> subjects. Also I have a decent knowledge of the Java language and know the
> fundamentals of C/C++.


> I was taking a look to Any23 source code and I noticed it uses RDF4J so the
> implementation of the new RDFa parser should be done through the RDFParse
> interface of that framework, am I right?.

Possibly... but I think your suggestion below is more accurate.

> On the other hand, I was thinking
> that the Java - C/C++ communication could be performed via JNI (Java Native
> Interface), loading compiled objects of librdfa as libraries and invoking
> them with native calls in Java. What do you think?, do you have a better
> approach for the bridge problem in mind?.

I think this sounds like the good path. We have to describe, document then
produce the interfaces for the JNI bridge. We would also need to develop
some comprehensive bench marking tests ... possibly a parser integration
test to compare the runtime performance over a given document dataset.

> Also I was wondering if the librdfa library should be included somehow in
> the Any23 project as a dependency or is it better to keep it separated and
> devise a post installation process to add the needed files for the new RDFa
> parser.

librdfa is licensed in various ways... there is an option for an Apache
License v2.0, so we could actually package it as a dependency along with
I think that we could visit this in more detail within the near future.
This is an excellent consideration however so thank you for raising the

Please voice your interest on the JIRA ticket and begin thinking about
getting your proposal together.

I would also highly encourage you to create a 2018 area for GSoC within the
Any23 wiki
You can use the 2015 template to get you started.
Please send me your wiki username so that i can grant you perms for the
Thannk  you

> Regards,
> Julio
> [1]https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ANY23-295

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